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Image file: 'Z0008042.jpg'
oil painting25.16Cathedral of Rouen, stained glass windows, chapel, Gothic Architecture, nuns, Worshipping1919Fine Arts
Image file: '26.1 MuseOn.jpg'
rattle26.1recreational, Toyca. 1825Western Culture
Image file: '26.2.JPG'
powder flask, bullets26.2ca. 1820Western Culture
Image file: 'Z0015990.jpg'
tobacco box26.6Personal Artifacts, Personal Gearca 1817Western Culture
Image file: '26.7.jpg'
basket26.7ca. 1830Western Culture
Image file: 'Z0018120.jpg'
oil painting26.13Piute indians, Merced River, Yosemite Valleyca. 1905Fine Arts
Image file: 'Z0008045.jpg'
oil painting26.21Yosemite Valley, Inspiration Point, El Capitan, Bridal Veil Falls, Merced River, Mountains, Native Americans1892Fine Arts
Image file: 'Z0008626.jpg'
oil painting26.23adobe house, sunsetca. 1910Fine Arts
Image file: '26.25.jpg'
oil painting26.25eucalyptus trees, meadowca. 1915Fine Arts
Image file: 'Z0013464.jpg'
watercolor painting26.31Island of Capri, roman bathsca. 1900Fine Arts
Image file: 'Z0000291.jpg'
alabaster jar, antiquity27.1533100-2630BC, ca. 3766BCArchaeology
Image file: '27.154.jpg'
mummy mask, antiquity27.154666BC-525BC, 100BC - 100ACArchaeology
Image file: 'Z0022932.jpg'
ushabti, antiquity27.1551185BC-1070BC, CA. 2100 BCArchaeology
Image file: 'Z0000300.jpg'
mirror, antiquity27.157664-525BC, 666BC-525BCArchaeology
Image file: 'Z0000295.jpg'
mummy pillow, antiquity27.1582524-2250BC, 3100BC-3050BCArchaeology
Image file: 'Z0013547.jpg'
Grecian urn, antiquity27.159Archaeology
Image file: 'Z0022876.jpg'
terra-cotta lamp, antiquity27.160330-30BCArchaeology
Image file: 'Z0012260.jpg'
Image file: '27.301.jpg'
temple fragment, antiquity27.301Temple of ApolloArchaeology
Image file: '27.319 edited.jpg'
plaque27.319Communication Artifactsc.1920Ethnology
Image file: 'Z0012578.jpg'
candle mold27.323.AT & E materials, glass, plastic, clayworkingWestern Culture
Image file: 'Z0012806.jpg'
Photograph27.329.AEnis T. Lovellca. 1870Photo
Image file: 'Z0021392.jpg'
booklet27.347Michigan Territory School, Bronson Village, Kalamazoo Schools, Ebenezer G. Flanders1830-1835Documents
Image file: 'Z0008698.jpg'
27.349-10,000Natural Science
Image file: 'Z0000298.jpg'
dish, antiquity27.3501-200AD, 380BC-343BCArchaeology
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